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Thank you note to Voss’ father

Event ID: 567

19 June 1917

51.34091802702471, 6.563978927298515
Voss' parents home at Blumentalstraße 75

Source ID: 33

Richthofen, Beyond the legend of the Red Baron, Peter Kilduff, Arms and Armour, 1993

ISBN: 1854091271

Letter from the Voss family via a private source.

“I would be grateful if I could learn the addresses of both of the charming young ladies. I think that within eight to fourteen days Werner will also become leader of a Jagdstaffel. I have again taken command of my Staffel and feel very happy. Yesterday (I shot down) Number 53. With best greetings and a kiss on the hand to your good wife…”

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