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Gedächtnissstätte für MvR

Event ID: 449

01 January 1928

exact date?
50.84890767354939, 16.476310886960174
Władysława Sikorskiego 19, 58-105 Świdnica, Polen

Source ID: 16

Jan Hayzlett Hunting With Richthofen: the Bodenschatz diaries

ISBN: 1898697973

The Richthofen memorial erected in the park across the street from his parent’s home in Schweidnitz (Old Postcard via Sue Hayes Fisher). Today the Richthofen memorial is crumbling away, and the bronze plaque has long since disappeared (Author). Close-up view of the plaque. The inscription reads: ‘Memorial for Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen. Born 2 May 1892. Fell on 21 April 1918. (Left) To the most successful combat pilot of the World War. (Right) To the undefeated victor of 80 aerial combats. (Below) Erected in the year 1928 from contrib-utions of his grateful homeland’ (Old Postcard).

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