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A frustrated MvR writes home

Event ID: 555

20 June 1916

49.33212776672484, 5.8350083764002525

Source ID: 33

Richthofen, Beyond the legend of the Red Baron, Peter Kilduff, Arms and Armour, 1993

ISBN: 1854091271

A few days ago I nose-dived into the ground with my Fokker. Witnesses were more than a little astonished when, after quite some time, I crawled out of the heap of rubble totally unhurt. My good friend Zeumer has already gone one better. First he was shot down by the French and received only light grazing shots, three days later he broke his thigh under quite stupid circumstances. I am entertaining the thought of going to Bölcke and becoming his student. I always need a change. That would be something new again and would not hurt me.

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