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Linked to event: 473, MvR's house in Schweidnitz opens up as a museum in his honour.

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Bruno Loerzer (at lecturn) speaks at the Richthofen Museum dedication, April 1933. Bolko and Ilse are at far right; Kunigunde looks into the camera. From the entertainement section of the German newspaper Vossische Zeitung that covered the event: "Fatherland, glory, sacrifice, duty - these four words should be decorating the rooms of the new museum, so said Göring, because they were the quintessence of Manfred von Richthofen's life and death; and therefore his spirit should ever live on in the new generation, and his memory should be cherished." (Peter Kilduff) (picture source: Inside the victories of Manfred von richthofen - Volume 2, James F. Miller, Aeronaut Books, 2016)


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