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Linked to event: 738, James F. Miller's analysis of MvR's headwound incident.

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Graphic depiction of the 6 JUly aerial battle. Rate of average altitude loss is dependent upon the time of the German attack and varies between accounts; thus, two are shown. Crosses mark Richthofen's estimated attack altitude and are plotted against each No. 20 Squadron altitude loss time frame, as well as Air Defense Officer Ltn. Hans Schröder's estimation of Richthofen's fall 15 minutes after the battle began. The roundel reveals that in both time frames No,10 Squadron triplanes arrived too late and too low to attack Richthofen before his wounded descent. (picture source: Inside the victories of Manfred von richthofen - Volume 1, James F. Miller, Aeronaut Books, 2016)


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