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A modern aerial view of Richthofen's landing site in Comines, France. The 14th-century church Sint Medarduskerk is visible at upper right. La Montagne is lower right at the center of a highlighted circular area that depicts the 1 km radius…

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Graphic depiction of the 6 JUly aerial battle. Rate of average altitude loss is dependent upon the time of the German attack and varies between accounts; thus, two are shown. Crosses mark Richthofen's estimated attack altitude and are plotted against…

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"Top: Elevation of the bullet that struck Richthofen, travelling at 30 degrees above/below the horizontal. Note that if fired from below, the bullet must have passed through the lower port wing before striking the head.Below: Azimuth of the bullet that…

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An average skull of a mid-twenties European male is superimposed atop Richthofen's profile, with average tissue depths presented. The bandage and thus wound orientation atop the Lamboid suture is evident. (picture source: Inside the victories of Manfred von richthofen -…

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The wound as covered by the localized dressing. In this view the straps lay across the wide portion atop the dressing but they may have been integrated within it; known photographs do not depict this area in detail. In any…

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