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Victory 69

Event ID: 265

26 March 1918

50.01706078303894, 2.748269342165632
Wood S of Contalmaison.

Source ID: 58

Jagd in Flanderns Himmel, Karl Bodenschatz, Verlag Knorr & Hirth München, 1935

From “Under the Guns of the Red Baron, Franks et al”: 1645 hrs. Wood south of Contalmaison. Sopwith 1; burnt in the air. Englishman.

From “Jagd in Flandrens Himmel, Bodenschatz”: Mit 5 Herren der Jagdstaffel 11 in niedriger Höhe, traf ich an der Front mit Leutnant Udet einen Sopwith-einsitzer. Anfangs versuchte mir der Gegner durch gewandtes Fliegen zu entgehen. Auf Flugzeuglänge schoß ich ihn in Brand. Beim Absturz zerfiel er in Teile, der Rumpf fiel in das Wäldchen von Contalmaison.

From “Under the Guns of the Red Baron, Franks et al”: Weather: fine with strong winds, overcast at times. Several other victims have been postulated over the years, but Donovan is the best fit for time and location. These others include Lt W Knox (54 Sqn), who was actually killed two days earlier, Lt ATW Lindsay (54 Sqn), who was lost two hours earlier, and one of two 19 Sqn. Sopwith Dolphins lost that day.

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