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Victory 66

Event ID: 262

18 March 1918

50.02882080027413, 3.531125489286523
road Molain–Vaux-Andigny

Source ID: 13

Under the guns of the Red Baron, Norman Franks, Hal Giblin and Nigel McCrery

ISBN: 9781898697275

1115 hrs. Above the Molain-Vaux-Andigny road. Sopwith Camel B5243. Engine: Clerget 35751. 1 Canadian, made prisoner. I started with 30 planes of my Geschwader and flew to the Front, commanding all three Staffeln at 5.300 metres. Just as we were approaching the Front, I saw several English squadrons crossing our lines and flying in the driection of Le Cateau. The first squadron we came across was approximately at 5.500 metres altitude, and together with Leutnant Gussmann, Jasta 11, I shot down the last opponent, a Bristol Fighter. He lost his wings, and Leutnant Gussmann brought him down. Thereupon, I took my 30 planes in hand, climbd to 5.300 metres and pursued two enemy squadrons which had made their way right through to Le Cateau. I attacked just when the enemy tried to fly aside and retreat. The enemy machine flying nearest to me, apparently a Bréguet or a Bristol Fighter, was fired upon by me and Leutnant Löwenhardt of Jasta 10. The tank was shot to pieces and I observed how the aircraft crashed straight down. Leutnant Löwenhardt brought it down. The I attacked from the centre of two Englis one-seater squadrons a plane flying pennants, and forced it to land near Molain. Weather:fine.

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