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Victory 45

Event ID: 196

16 April 1917

50.321518658125534, 2.8538811399464925
Between Bailleul and Gavrelle-Allied side of Lines.

Source ID: 13

Under the guns of the Red Baron, Norman Franks, Hal Giblin and Nigel McCrery

ISBN: 9781898697275

Combat Report: 1730 hrs, between Bailleul and Gavrelle. BE two-seater. No details as plane fell on other side. When pursuit-flying (height of clouds 1.000 metres) I observed an artillery flyer at 800 metres altitude; approached him unnoticed, and attacked him, whereupon he fell down, smoking. The pilot caught the machine once more, but then lost control at 100 metres. The plane plunged down between Bailleul and Gavrelle. NB The clocks had changed again on the Western Front, German time from this data being once more ahead of Allied time by one hour. This would continue until 9 March 1918. Weather: rain and low clouds all day.

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