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Victory 34

Event ID: 181

03 April 1917

50.422628548475366, 2.78117655297983
Between Lens and Liévin

Source ID: 13

Under the guns of the Red Baron, Norman Franks, Hal Giblin and Nigel McCrery

ISBN: 9781898697275

Combat Report: 1615 hrs, between Lens and Lieven. Vickers two-seater, NO. 6382. Motor unrecognisable. Occupants: Pilot: Lieutenant O’Beirne, killed. Observer: McDonald. Together with Leutnant Schäfer and Leutnant Lothar von Richthofen, I attacked three enemy planes. The plane I myself attacked was forced to land near Lieven. Afer a short fight the motor began to smoke and the observer ceased shooting. I followed adversary to the ground. Weather: storm and low clouds.

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