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Victory 13

Event ID: 148

20 December 1916

50.18444193092157, 2.635976305763219

Source ID: 13

Under the guns of the Red Baron, Norman Franks, Hal Giblin and Nigel McCrery

ISBN: 9781898697275

Combat Report: 1130 hrs, above Menchy. Vickers one-seater No. 7929. Motor: Gnôme 30413. Occupant: Arthur Gerald Knight, Lieutenant RFC killed. Valuables enclosed; one machine gun taken. About 1130 I attacked, together with four planes and at 3.000 metres altitude, enemy one-seater squadron above Menchy. After some curve fighting I managed to press adversary down to 1.500 metres, where I attacked him at closest range (plane length). I saw immediately that I had hit enemy; first he went down in curves, then he dashed to the ground. I pursued him until 100 metres above the ground. This plane had been only attacked by me. Weather: fine all day.

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  1. source: Inside the victories of Manfred von richthofen – Volume 1, James F. Miller, Aeronaut Books, 2016

    Knight had been the pilot pursued by Hptm. Boelcke and Ltn.d.R. Erwin Böhme when they collided 28 October, killing Boelcke.

    Jasta 2 became Jasta Boelcke on 17 December. However, Richthofen had used Jagdstaffel Boelcke” in the headings of his combat reports since his 12th victory on Il December.

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