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Todesanzeige des Jagdgeschwaders für seinen gefallenen Kommandeuer

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22 April 1918

49.928483341520156, 2.762579459937117

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The obituary sent out by Jagdgeschwader I read: His love for his Fatherland, his heroic, modest way of thinking, his exemplary life as a German soldier were sealed with a hero’s death upon the battlefield by our admired and beloved commander, Royal Prussian Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen Knight of the Highest Order. On 21 April, he departed from us. Bereft and robbed of its leader, the Geschwader mourns the irreparable loss of its proud commander. Loved and admired by Germany’s people, respected by his enemies, he who was so accustomed to victory died undefeated, as a victor. To all of us, he was the model, the adviser, the friend whom we can never replace. With the solemn vow, ‘What you began — your life’s work — we will finish, and we must finish’, Richthofen’s brave fighting spirit shall live on in us for all time.

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