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Mrs. von Richthofen on child development

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02 May 1900

51.09354374483562, 17.021476340931752
Powstancow Slaskich 92-94, Borek Wroclaw

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The Red Knight of Germany, the story of Baron von Richthofen, Floyd Gibbons, 1927, 1959 Bantam Books

‘An easily terrified mother is a great obstacle to the physical development of children,’ Mrs von Richthofen said. ‘When Manfred was a little boy, I believe many of my friends considered me rather a careless mother because I did not forbid the two boys to engage in some of the feats they liked, but I was then, and am still, convinced children can only become agile if they are allowed such freedom as will enable them to judge what they can safely demand of their bodies.’

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