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Hectic days arriving in Marke

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29 June 1917

50.816141687498735, 3.2403333562695864

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The Red Baron Combat Wing, Jagdgeschwader Richthofen in Battle, Peter Kilduff, 1997, Arms and armour press

Böhme recalls: Shortly, I will have the pleasure of seeing my brother’s brother-in-law Kohlstein, who wants to paint Richthofen, here on the Western Front. When I was with Richthofen for that reason a few days ago, I found him to be very busy with Jagdgeschwader organizational matters and, moreover, annoyed by the many newspaper reporters and newsreel film maker types who now throng around him. So at first he made rather a sour face – but when I told him that Moritz would, of course, be in the portrait, then he became all fired up about it.

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