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First kill for jasta 11

Event ID: 532

23 January 1917

50.43088970139912, 2.7483047123441313
South of Lens

Source ID: 43

The Red Knight of Germany, the story of Baron von Richthofen, Floyd Gibbons, 1927, 1959 Bantam Books

Just to show them how it was done, he led them over the English lines for the first time on January 23d and ‘knocked down’ the first victim to be registered on the unit’s victory book. For Richthofen it was his seventeenth ‘kill’. At dinner time, when his twelve officers gathered around the mess table ,he explained the technique of his first demonstration, called attention to some flying blunders his pupils had made, and answered their questions. At the close of the meal and the lecture the Flying Uhlan and his disciples retired to their quarters with the knowledge that they were ‘going over’ again in the morning.

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